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PyukiWiki is to operate in perl-based PukiWiki is a clone.

Download, ... to those who are in trouble full there

  • The first one: the normal version of the complete (.zip)
  • Update: updated version of the complete (.zip)
  • If using a difficult character: usually UTF-8 version (.zip)
  • Become human sacrifice. I want to ease the introduction: The installer UTF-8 version (.zip)

  • 0.2.1-beta8 version that has not yet been completed. Those who use the #twitter is compatible with API1.1.

So not out achievement of development, word ...

The main author, currently, NEET Co., Ltd. (tentative name) has participated in the project.
For that, there is in the state are working with a very large number of time.
However, PyukiWiki if there is, it may have not been able to make a summary of the project.
Authorship Nekyo's or, Yuki -san, PukiWiki project Thank you to.
Go into this project, further PyukiWiki there is also the part that is progressing renovation.

The latest version of the development progress version, Pyukiwiki-0.2.0-p3 is.

The latest version of the latest version, Pyukiwiki-0.1.9-P1 is.

Note: non-devel version, plug-ins, description of internal subroutine does not have any. If such is required explanation, either obtain a devel version wiki.cgi or Plugin Please refer to the

In case you're wondering, the script of code set EUC or UTF-8,),
line feed code, ". Tar.gz → LF", will be ". Zip → CRLF".
FTP, and, at the time of transfer in the SCP and the like, when you transfer the zip file version, if you do not transfer in the automatic recognition, it may not work.
In addition, .tar.gz (newline LF), and, prior EUC version, you will not be able to edit the Windows Notepad.
Is sufficient to prepare a text editor of a suitable free software, you can edit.
In addition, ". Tar.gz version", if thawed in tar xvfz filename.tar.gz, will be extracted in a state in which the permission to for not running on the user rights server has been set.

The latest version of the original version is, PyukiWiki-0.1.9 P1- is.

[ Security Fix version (tar.gz) ] [ Security Fix version (Zip) ]

Towards the Notes business

  1. The latest release announcement, in order to receive information, such as security updates pyukiwiki-info please subscribe to the mailing list
  2. PukiWiki In the development site, not only the development of the next version, it has been made ​​the previous version a minimum of security Fix. Large-scale security Fix may be carried over to the next version, but shall be required urgency is done every time since, PyukiWiki those who are operating a thank you to look through.
  3. If you know of any publication should not be * 1 defect, to isolate the problem to the extent possible, after confirming that it is not a known topic in is one of the committers "Nanami" e-mail , please contact us at .

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  • Can not 0.2.0-p3DL? ? It moved in the p side of the 0.2.0-p2? ? - ItaTane ? : 2014-08-18 (Monday) 05:33:48
  • I am using the 0.1.6 at, but the 0.2.0 trying to change to the latest was up nothing does not appear. - Shea ? : 2013-06-11 (Tuesday) 17:20:32
  • To bug fix release incidentally, new installer will appear. - Nanami : 2012-01-29 (Sun) 12:20:50
  • UTF-8 version to enjoy. . . - Nanami : 2011-09-01 (Thursday) 23:06:25
  • Oh Oh - Nanami : 2011-07-14 (Thursday) 21:35:38
  • ;; Did not realize it was buggy - Nanami : 2011-02-23 (Wednesday) 06:32:04
  • Somehow I tried to eliminate the Compatibility View button on the IE. - Nanami : 2010-11-28 (Sun) 13:07:47
  • Although the good re-update, it hurts a little broken right thumb nail> <- Nanami : 2010-10-27 (Wednesday) 10:30:40
  • Update is cheers for good work. - Also deputy ? : 2010-10-26 (Tuesday) 21:22:31
  • Out of the page I tried to once operate in @@ - Nanami : 2010-10-23 (Saturday) 21:19:17

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Toward the administrator

Recently, vandalism from abroad has become very much. Nekyo Mr. Page has also been quite devastated. Only if a large number of the page is frozen becomes, in .Htaccess AKI ON WEB of Apache for each country access allow / deny list please try to reflect to get in the automatic batch.

Gow Pai Poker Online .. Circle Of Profit 2010/10/22 postscript : but is the test version, so I was able script, please use it if you want. Since there is no README, etc., and you will be written in here, basically JP other than the google, MSN (bing), Yahoo (US) all access from abroad other than such as what to deny. (Yahoo of I do not know Japanese crawler exists, Naver should be OK because the Japanese) in it if crontab is can be set, if if not, the next line to print "Content of the sub main -type: text / plain \ n \ n "; and described, please try to start at the CGI. It should be noted, does not work and there is no wget on the server. Also is the largest of the notes, but please previous .htaccess operate this script from the copy to

Or, in the following file, please try to put the Basic authentication for the POST action. (However, it is not effective in all of the server.)

contact information

This Twitter (@ nanakochi123456) to "direct message",
or #pyukiwiki hash tag to thank you.

Once, here also we should note again.

#pyukiwiki hash tag

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